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Welcome to Beyond Gardens e-Learning Centre

Our aim is to provide a growing number of structured e-Learning modules that help Western Australians embrace Waterwise gardening techniques specific to Western Australian soils and climatic conditions. In partnership with the Water Corporation we are delighted to present the following e-Learning modules:

GardenWise in WA Training Module The Beyond Gardens Team is committed to helping Metro and Regional communities throughout Western Australia through an extensive range of informative, fun and generally FREE seminars and special events. We love debunking the many gardening Myths, exposing covert sales hype and replacing inappropriate practices with practical alternatives that are suited to our unique Western Australian conditions. This FREE e-Learning module is designed to reinforce the many gardening tips and techniques talked about in one of our free, 3 hour Beyond Gardens GardenWise Seminars. We hope it will help you become a waterwise, nutrientwise, moneywise and effortwise gardener.

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Beyond Gardens is bringing the best Sustainability Events to W.A.