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Waterwise Verge Makeover Program - putting the nature back into the strip

A joint initiative between Beyond Gardens and the Water Corporation supported by a growing number of local councils, NRM groups and householders throughout Western Australia. The aim is to convert water guzzling verge lawns into Waterwise gardens that will save around 20,000-40,000 litres of water each per year.

In this section (currently under construction) we will be progressively highlighting great Waterwise, Moneywise and Fertiliserwise verge gardens and providing detail on how you can have a great Waterwise Verge.

Interested in converting your lawn?

The Beyond Gardens Team have assisted the Water Corpororation to produce an introductory guide to converting your lawn in a cost effective way utilising the techniques used by the Beyond Gardens Verge Makeover Team. click here.

Consult your Local Government Authority (local council) on what guidelines apply to verge gardens in your area. A great example is one produced by the City of South Perth. click here. The Beyond Gardens Team is assisting Local Governments across WA to create informative street verge landscaping guidelines.

Wondering what Waterwise plants you could plant on your verge? The Water Corporations online Waterwise Plants database is a wonderful, easy to use resource that provides regional specific information on a wide range of Waterwise plants - you will be surprised as to how many options there are! click here.

How about some cheap Waterwise mulch? Beyond Gardens Team member, Tim Lawrence has established a website that could potentially get you some free mulch. This is a wonderful service that enables you to register with local tree contractors who, if in your area with a load of mulch could deliver it to you. click here.

A growing list of people are converting their verge

                                     Before and after (in progress)                                                                               Before and after (in progress)

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